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Quatsino Lodge is very much a family business, and many of our staff are family friends. Walt, Terry, Neil and Roger have known each other for years and between the four of them have probably fished all the waters and rivers on or around Vancouver Island. Nick and Brad met at university several years ago and the two of them are like brothers. You know you'll be seeing long time guides and fishing with friends at Quatsino Lodge.

Walter Schoenfelder

Your host and Lodge Owner, Walter Schoenfelder grew up on the banks of the Campbell River on Vancouver Island, BC, next door to Roderick Haig-Brown. He began working as a sport fishing guide at age 13 and by 16 spent his summers guiding. Walt quickly acquired a loyal clientele, many of his guests have been with him from the beginning of his guiding career.

Terry Gurney

Terry first started guiding back in 1979. In 1984 he started working with Walt at the sportfish centre. In the early 90's Terry started adventuring out to greener pastures, as many other sport fishing guides did. Gold river was hot - but Quatsino was hotter it reminded Walt and Terry how good fishing use to be, back in the old days in Campbell River. When Walt asked Terry to join him in Quatsino he could think of no place he would rather be so in 1998 he started the annual journey north to Gods Country.

Les Black

Les has been a fishin' fool for most of his life.  He has spent many years fishing with family and friends and then running his own boat.  We are excited to have him join our team.  He comes to us with enthusiasm, experience and energy.  Folks are loving it and Les too.  He "loves his job" and it shows.  Welcome back to the Quatsino Lodge family Les.

Nick Schoenfelder

Nick, had a rod in his hand from the time he could walk and his career as a sport fishing guide has very much mirrored that of his father, Walter Schoenfelder. Nick's enthusiasm, experience and commitment to the family business has earned him the reputation as a first rate guide and nothing pleases him more than seeing his guests reel in and land the fish . . . especially if they are bigger than those landed by his dad!

Neil Matheson

Neil has been our regular part time guide for years.  He is a master fisherman who began his guiding career in Campbell River in the late 70s and has been consistently producing fish everywhere he works since.  He also is one of the few fellows who can run the SeaPig so we like to have him up as often as possible.  Neil is father to Nico, who is working as part of our regular crew.  Neil will be with us quite a bit this busy summer so if you are lucky you'll get to have him take you out.

Michael Wadsworth

My name is Michael Wadsworth. I am 24 years old, and have spent my life living on Vancouver island. I am adventurous by nature, and in my spare time you will likely find me outdoors exploring the beautiful playground that is our coast. Whether I am watching a rod tip apprehensively trolling on a warm summer day, or up to my waist in a freezing river breaking ice out of the eyes of my rod in December... when I am out fishing I am having fun. I can't think of a better place to spend a summer than the waters of Quatsino sound. I am excited to share the experience with everyone.

Tyler Glancie

Captain Tyler has been fishing, guiding and running yachts since he was a little fellow.  Now at 35 he has settled in here at Quatsino Lodge and continues to be a treasured addition to the family at the lodge.  Tyler LOVES fishing and he loves to share the experience of fishing with everyone he takes out.  Knowledgeable, experienced and personable, Tyler is also a big help here at the lodge fixing things, maintaining boats and electronics.  Welcome back Ty.

Dan Cox

We are so excited to announce that Dan Cox will be returning to Quatsino Lodge this summer.  Dan brings with him 16 years of guiding experience right here in Quatsino Sound.  He is also a halibut specialist and for those who want to seek halibut first and foremost Dan is your man. He is bringing new knowledge to Quatsino Lodge and we are excited to share our knowledge with him as well.   Welcome back Dan!


Ty-ee has had one jump too many and has spent the last few months recuperating from knee surgery.  Stairs and dock ramps, being what they are, he has decided to hang out with Blondy’s auntie for the balance of the summer till his Doctor says he can come back to work.  His mat still resides in the place of honour by the door and with any luck he will be filling it come August.

Just a short note to thank you for allowing me and my friends ( especially Chuck) to experience a wonderful fishing trip. It was my first but not last. You are to be complimented for arranging a fantastic experience. It was amazing to see people truly enjoying what they do every day. The guides were as excited as we were when we caught fish. I was taught how to reel in a fish like a man, not like a girl.
Thank you once again and I hope to experience your hospitality once again in the near future.

Dale McL.

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Good day!

Thank you so much for the fishing trip! Everything about it was outstanding. I am already planning a visit back there with my family next year at this time.

You are both wonderful hosts, and a hell of a lot of fun to be around.

All the best,

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