What to Bring on your Freshwater or Saltwater Fishing Vacation

Clothing should be layered so you can peel down if it gets hot or layer up if the weather turns cool or wet. The boats are heated and very comfortable, but when you're reeling in a fish, you'll be exposed to the elements. Our coastal weather can be very unpredictable. When the sun is out it is usually warm but it can change in a heartbeat so it is always best to be prepared for any type of weather any time of year. Sooooo we have rain gear in all sizes, and nice rubber boots also in sizes 8 - 13. If you are bigger than a 3x or a 13 foot then you might need to bring that with you but otherwise - We've Got You Covered..... Literally. Gloves are not necessary for salmon fishing but you may want to bring the fingerless type for Steelheading. Chest high waders are the best for Steelhead fishing. We have some, but no guarantees on sizing! You'll probably be more comfortable using your own.  Also for steelheading, a warm hat or cap is smart as are warm socks and long johns.

A camera is a must... digital of course. Chapstick and sunscreen are good to have. Bug spray ... well until this year I would have said it wasn’t important but I don’t know when we’ve seen more bugs than this past summer. Can’t hurt to bring some along.

Now lets talk seasickness.

Folks find a variety of things helpful but from my vantage point the most consistent anti seasickness medication definitely is the patch. If nothing has ever worked for you this might not either ... but it might. It does work for most people - probably 85% I reckon. However this is not for kids and not for pregnant Moms. If you are a reasonably healthy adult this does seem to be the ticket. I don’t believe the bracelets do much. Ginger pills do seem to work for many folks as does bonamine and gravol but they can make you drowsy.

Seriously folks if you forgo the coffee in the morning and the alcohol the night before you will go a long way to having a successful sick-free day on the water.

Hello Walter and family,
Thank you again for an incredible few days in beautiful Quatsino Sound. It is difficult for me to find words to express how much I enjoyed spending time at your lodge. This was my second time and I fully expect to be there again and again. I am also looking forward to bringing my family up when the children get a bit older (now 5 & 6).
Pls find the attached photo as promised of the Killer whales we saw with Nick on Sat, Sept 11 and a couple others to follow.
All the best,
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