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Salmon Fishing, Steelheading and Fly Fishing Tackle

We believe that by including and supplying our clients with the best available rods and tackle, we enhance your overall fishing experience. Whether we're fishing for Salmon, Steelhead or Trout we will provide the tackle you need, but feel free to bring along your favourite rod and reel. Rods for salmon should have a sensitive tip and be 10' or greater in length. Reels should carry between 300 and 400 yards of fireline Crystal 30lb test. We use light tackle and special reels designed to help you feel the fish when it takes the bait and fight it without a lot of heavy gear dragging with it. You'll feel the fish better, have better control and enjoy the battle more. Knucklebusters don't really exist anymore.  Drags are so good now, the technology so much better, that you can let go and not get a rats nest or a banged up hand. For steelhead fishing, bring your own waders if you have them. Your own waders are always a better fit. Most fly fishers have their own prize rods and reels but if you need a kit we have the best waiting for you.
Build and order your own Abel Spey reel here:
*Walt LOVES the Abel reels!

Hi Blondy,
Just wanted to say thanks for a great fishing trip, and your family's hospitality. It was a great experience and I definitely will recommend Quatsino Lodge to my buddies. Hopefully a bigger group next July!!!
Thanks again!
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