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One of the most pleasurable experiences for river sport fishermen is to come to Quatsino Lodge in mid-late September through October to experience catching world class salmon on the fly.

Here in the cold waters of Quatsino Sound we target Coho, Chinook, Chum, and Pink salmon. The fish are abundant, frisky, and willing to take out gear. Guests come back year after year for the sheer numbers of fish mixed with the unbelievable beauty. How many places can you fish 5 different rivers in a river fishing trip and experience something new and special every day? Only here in Quatsino.

Steelhead & Trout

Steelhead are found in only one place in the world: here in the Pacific Northwest. The Steelhead is a sea-run Rainbow Trout. Spawned in fresh water, they migrate to the sea and return to spawn in their home river several times before they die. They're tough to catch, and when there's a Steelhead on the line you'll have a fight on your hands. They'll make long runs with the river's current... or against it... or across it. They'll jump like crazy. They'll try to snag the line on the rocks. They're everything you've heard about. Our season begins in November and heads through till May. We'll be rafting in rivers that run through beautiful country. There's no telling what kind of wildlife we'll spot. Bear, elk, hooded  mergansers, deer, eagles... all are there.

Finally arrived home safely, what a fabulous holiday! Thank you both for your superb service, Maggie and I thoroughly enjoyed the fishing and were so excited to see all the wildlife that we did. The lodge is wonderful and the whole area very beautiful. Thank you again for such a superb service and for the CDs of pictures. All you help is much appreciated.
Maggie and I send regards to all.
Cheers for now,
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