Yes you can bring your own cooler. If you are driving this is a great option. Better to save on recycling. Also you can return your coolers from previous fishing trips and reuse them. As well, we welcome gel packs from your home rather than having to sell you new ones. 

At Quatsino Lodge we are doing our best to reuse and recycle everything we can. We return all drink bottles and cans to the Marble River Enhancement Society for the hatchery. We have recycling bins on the dock and at the lodge and we regularly take out all glass, cans, styrofoam, plastic - pretty much anything that can be recycled we take it to the recycling centre. And we reuse containers, coffee cans, jars etc...


Leo, Lloyd and I greatly enjoyed the fishing trip. It was the best ever for all three of us. Brad did a tremendous job and the boat was perfect, especially for old hobblers like us.

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