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These two are the cutest couple.  They do everything together ... hunting, fishing.  All the important stuff.  It was Ron's dream to catch a a tuna and yes they have done a lot of fishing in their day but nary a tuna to their names.  So they took a 5 day package instead of a 3 day and spent two days with Brad getting the small stuff out of the way.  Then with Walt they went after the mighty tuna ... the trek or the quest as it were.  And they were successful.  It was a 30th anniversary dream vacation come true.  Glad you chose us to share it with.

When we got home ( about 10.30 your time last night ) and unloaded everything,... there was ZERO signs of any defrosting at all!!  Those boxes and the way they get sealed up work great.
I also like the way each package is labelled, that is real slick too.  As we left a whack of fish with my sister in law after my first trip in early august, and she didn't want any more, I didnt even open up the boxes until we got home, and was pleasantly surprised by what we saw inside.
Great job to all!
But I must say I miss the coast already,... that cold front Walt was talking about is right over us now! This morning it was only +5'C !!!

Anyways, we just wanted to thank you both again for a very enjoyable trip, we couldn't have been more happy to spend the time with you.  We got some very nice salmon , and those halibut and ling will taste excellent when they make the nightly menu too, and of course we both got to break the ice on the tuna!! That was the real target of the trip and it couldn't have worked out much better, we got to see how, and where you fish for them, and I was so glad that we both got to feel one on the rod too!  Now we can start to plan for a trip a little later in the season for the "next time" !!!
Thanks again from both of us,...........
                  Ron and Linda

Posted Wednesday Aug 31, 2011
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