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So Dave and Bob have the dual honour of being the only summer guests we have that stay for a double vacation AND they have caught and landed the earliest tuna we have ever taken in Quatsino...August 4th.  I suppose I should say dubious honour because I hear tell that if Walter ever tries to get Bob out for a tuna again he will stay home and read a book.  Apparently thems fierce waters out there.  But they did it.  That is what the adventure is all about right????  Now the other pictures really tell the tale ... what they caught (and basically released as everything goes back into the water with these guys), and you can see by Dave's face that they do a fair bit of goofing off while fishing.  They always get a really good chuckle at the other guests expense though because they come in with one fish or no fish and everyone thinks they were skunked when they actually released dozens of fish each day.  One day they are going to arrive on Harley Davidson.  But that wouldn't be a first!

Posted Wednesday Aug 31, 2011
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