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Sooooooo funny. Really. I mean it. As those of you who fish with Nick are aware, he has a bit of a flatulence problem. Only he doesn't think he has a problem. Ha. Anyway this year, after fishing with Nick last August for 3 days the boys were ready. They stocked up on beans and onions for days. They had prepared for war. And then Nick turned into Neil. Now Neil isn't like that. Oh the disappointment on Joe's face. But he persevered. And all gagged but the fishing was so great that no one noticed. It was a fantastic trip and lots of laughs, gags (literally and figuratively), and getting to meet the friends from last year back to fish at the same time was a real bonus. They boys left fully stocked with fish and fun. And Mike caught the biggest ling cod I have ever seen. It was 53 lbs.

"Hi Blondy, thanks again for another great trip, we will be looking forward to it again next year, as we all had a great time. I will be downloading my pictures either tonite or tomorrow, and will send them to you when I do."


Posted Monday Aug 31, 2009
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