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This was really one of the funnest groups all year. Now everyone is fun, that is true. These folks though just had fun at everything. Now Santo has never been able to fish before without getting sick. Because of the inside waters here he was able to fish to his heart's content and he didn't wipe the smile off his face the whole trip. And the ladies - they love fishing but they also love talking, laughing, boating, walking, and just generally being in every moment. Dwayne was a fishing fool and he was able to fish pretty much non-stop. And Peter knows what a fishing trip is for. It is for catching some, but enjoying the time with friends much more. (I'm a poet...again) Dan and Lorna brought their own boat and for 3 days Dan was an honourary lodge guide - check out him cleaning his fish. And even though the folks weren't planning to keep many fish, when they left they had double what they had planned on. And everyone LOVES food and so of course our kitchen staff was also happy as they live to feed you folks. Looking forward to a repeat performance next year.

Posted Monday Aug 31, 2009
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