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Ken has been planning a return to Quatsino since last August. Last year he generously brought his kids but this year it was to be friends. OK so Chris sneaked in. i think Chris was meant to be there. He caught the biggest spring 37lbs, the biggest halibut 43 lbs, and the most ling cod. Ken will probably leave him home next year! Now Chuck is one lucky guy. Every day he got the biggest fish (except for Chris' 37) and went home with 3 tyee and 1 29.5 lber. There was lots of fish to be impressed with but even more so was the good times these guys had. They were here to enjoy everything and they had FUN FUN FUN. Check out the 2 guys holding the salmon backbone off the dock. And just what do you think they were up to??? Feeding dogfish. Really. They did hand feed a dogfish but the plan was apparently to catch it with their bare hands. SO good thing they didn't. Walt hadn't mentioned the sandpaper skin that cuts like gl;ass or the poison tip in the tail. And this was only episode one. Probably a book could be written to cover all the entertainment.

Just a short note to thank you for allowing me and my friends ( especially Chuck) to experience a wonderful fishing trip. It was my first but not last. You are to be complimented for arranging a fantastic experience. It was amazing to see people truly enjoying what they do every day. The guides were as excited as we were when we caught fish. I was taught how to reel in a fish like a man, not like a girl.
Thank you once again and I hope to experience your hospitality once again in the near future.

Dale McL.

Posted Monday Aug 31, 2009
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