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It was a year of firsts for Kelvin. Kelvin is one of our lifers and has been coming to fish with us from the beginning. He and son Jordan have made the trek to Quatsino many many times. Our first "first" of the trip was Jordan couldn't come so son-in-law Eric was invited along. Second was the experiment on how to make your fish look bigger in a picture. Check out the pix and see if you can figure out which one was "an experiment." Next first was the Humbolt squid Eric caught. Beautiful 18llber and was it EVER delicious. You'll never taste calamari like we had it that evening. Continuing with firsts Kelvin has the incredible honour of being the very first guest ever rowed to a tyee salmon at Quatsino. And it was really our pleasure that he should be the first in this one. IOt is a memory that none of us will ever forget and we are very pleased that the honour went to Kelvin...who is pretty darned good on a tyee rod in a rowboat.

Posted Monday Aug 31, 2009
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