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John,Diane, and the children had 2 weeks to enjoy CAnada and it was their first time to experience BC. They did many things including fishing the Dean River, visiting Victoria, rock climbing etc.. but as they left Quatsino they said they had done more in their 4 days here than in the entire 2 weeks combined. Let's see what I can remember about this trip. The arrival day Brad took them out for a little light afternoon fishing and John brought in his first Tyee salmon 31.5lbs. They caught many other fish and young Sam lost his first Coho of 15 lbs. The next day was the trek up the little Amazon and what a fantastic experience that was. After paddling the distance, the swimming was superb ... even Blondy was swimming. And John threw in his flyline after the Coho and Chinook in the upper river. The third day saw glass calm ocean waters enabling them to hit the ocean for the children's first time. Spectacular fishing. They practice catch and release and so the many fish caught were returned to the ocean with the exception of 2 coho. Well done guys. Then the lake swim was in order. And each night saw quite a bit of shrieking as Sam and Alexia reeled in massive dogfish off the dock. Alexia practiced her piano each night on the lodge keyboard. And on the last morning, while Dad was out fishing, Alexia and Sam lured our tame deer in to eat a few apples off their shoulders. Have a look at the fun time and many experiences.

Posted Monday Aug 31, 2009
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