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The girls stayed in Victoria while the boys went into the wilds of Vancouver island to slay the mighty salmon. At least that is what we are telling the girls. We won't mention internet, cell service, sauna, extraordinary meals, amazing wildlife. Nope. We want them to think it was a
tough job and somebody had to protect them from all those mosquitos. Protect me if I am wrong but the ladies went out and bought a new freezer right guys... to hold the salmon you caught??? Peter and Kees had great fun together both on and off the water. And they were a great addition to the general fishing storytime at the table each night. Catch peter's expressions. They are great.

Letter from Kees:

Hi Blondie,
First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the awesome fishing experience. My Dad and I have never caught so much or such large fish in our lives. I think if we come again, I will try to bring some other members of my family. So they too can experience the great hopitality and superb fishing at Quatsino Lodge.
Do you have the pics that Brad took of us with our springs?

Once again, thanx a whole bunch.


Posted Friday Jul 31, 2009
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