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Every year a select group of friends, both of Tim's and Bob's, appear on the dock for their annual vacation. This isn't just a fishing trip although that is a big part of it. It is also a glad gathering of a great group of friends who really enjoy each others company. There is as much fun and laughter on the water as off the guys share stories and remembrances. This year was a spectacular event with both incredible fishing as well as fantastic weather. The Bob Wyman memorial cup was won by newcomer Richard M. and it was awarded for the dubious event of throwing up the most. As the guys go their separate ways - Graeme off to Berkley, Bob and Gary back to the interior, Steve and Sean to Toronto, and the rest back to work in Vancouver it is hoped that this summer's trip will remain high on their list of memories as they spend their winter planning for the return trip.

Posted Sunday Aug 31, 2008
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