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Last year it was 9 but this year it was 17. And what a super fun trip for all. The fishing was awesome although we did have one day of 15 foot swells and out of the 15 people on the water 13 were sick - alot. Never-the-less they persevered and what wonderful catches they had. And adventure too. Amazingly enough there were Offshore Killer Whales one day - a sight most people never see in their lifetime. Then a 600+lb sunfish. Rob Jr... and there are 4 Rob's along I must say, took Chance for a kayak tour. Then Rob Jr. Rob H, Anne and Maddy went out for a midnight paddle in the phosphorescence. Anne caught "stars in a jar". And of course Rob H was attacked by a seal up the Marble River! Chance stole rock cod from Maddy on the dock and promptly poisoned himself. He is still in recovery but the sausages went down well this morning so doctor's prognosis is that he'll live. But take a look at that magnificent 76 lb halibut caught by Lori and Jack on the last morning. Last year Jack reeled in a 66lber so that means next year it needs to be 86lbs. And how about Bruce's 26lber and Matt's 27lber. Matt has decided he is going to come work for us in about 6 years when he is old enough. The plans are in the works for next year. Does that mean 26 of you?

Posted Thursday Jul 31, 2008
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