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Well the hatchery is all ready for fish; the dam river just won't cooperate. We, at the moment, are waiting for the river to drop. They swam it last Friday, it was a little too high but they saw fish all the way down. They could not get a good count because it was too deep and a little murky. So we are just waiting. The forecast looks bad for the rest of the week. I will be on the phone getting volunteers lined up this week in prep for Brood capture day. We miss you guy's, hopefully you had a successful fishing season at the lodge. Thanks for the recycles we finally got them all sorted last weekend. We are all ready to go and we will keep you posted. We ordered and received the pump for the Well; we hope to have the drilling to take place in the spring. Sadly we lost our support from BHP for the hydro, which is a $1.800.00 a month when the hatchery is in full operation. Approximately 20.000.00 a year we have to find now. Just another glitch we will be working on. Talk to you soon, Love Grant and Deb

Posted Monday Oct 31, 2011

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Hi and Hey,
I have meant to email you and tell you how much fun it was for Gary and his friends to fish with you last April.  It just happened that we had some of the best salmon ever from your lodge.  That winter salmon is the greatest.  So delicate in flavor and texture!  I happened to cook it just perfectly, too.  So delicious.  Hope you had a great season and I sure wish that we could have a few days with you this next summer.  Both Clark and Randy have wives that love to fish as well.  If you get a chance, email us and let us know how your summer was. Gary so enjoyed being with you both and to see Nicki too.  Thanks again, Cookie
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