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We had the best brood stock fishing ever this fall. It took weeks though to capture all the fish but we would up with 800 breeding stock. The biggest fish we had to release. No one had a net big enough. In fact two catch-and-release nets were not big enough. With a bit of pride and some sadness we let him go wondering how big he really was. 70+? 80+. And now the first of the eggs have hatched and the rest are eyeing up. 800,000 successful eggs to date. Very exciting. This summer our usual 100,000 Chinook guests will be hanging with us at the lodge during June and July - possibly into August, so look for them if you are coming at that time.

Posted Sunday Feb 07, 2010

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Hi and Hey,
I have meant to email you and tell you how much fun it was for Gary and his friends to fish with you last April.  It just happened that we had some of the best salmon ever from your lodge.  That winter salmon is the greatest.  So delicate in flavor and texture!  I happened to cook it just perfectly, too.  So delicious.  Hope you had a great season and I sure wish that we could have a few days with you this next summer.  Both Clark and Randy have wives that love to fish as well.  If you get a chance, email us and let us know how your summer was. Gary so enjoyed being with you both and to see Nicki too.  Thanks again, Cookie
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