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The Marble River Hatchery had a fantastic year for the brood year of 2008 with their Chinook. Half a million eggs were taken from the salmon and placed in the hatchery's care. Our babies started hatching in March of 2009 and then it just got busier. We were successful in Otolith marking all of our Chinook at the eyed egg stage. With things developing a little slower this year we were pushed to hold off on the tagging until the little guys were the right size for tagging. Eventually we got there and below is an account of our releases.

In July/09 25,000 coded wire tagged and adipose clipped Chinook were released in to the Marble River along with 171,000 untagged and
unclipped. 25,000 Chinook were coded wire tagged, adipose clipped and released into the Benson River with 171,000 untagged and unclipped, 25,000 coded wire tagged and clipped Chinook along with 73,000 untagged and unclipped went to a net pen at Quatsino Lodge in Quatsino Sound, to be fed for 5 weeks by the guests and staff at the lodge. This helped to increase their survival rate at least 3%. It doesn't sound like much but getting them past the estuary and releasing them from the net pen at a weight of a wonderful 14.5 grams was perfect. A great job was done by the staff and the guests at the lodge thank you so much.
Your the best. It was a busy time for all.

Our next endeavor is to dig a well at the Marble to gain cold water for the hatchery. Cold well water is always a dream for all hatcheries because the temperature is cold enough that fungus does not grow on the adults when holding and the eggs are free of fungus also. It also enables us to catch the fish earlier rather than wait for the rains to cool the water down. Sometimes if we have to wait too late in the year, we encounter rapid flood conditions. This results in us being unable to take brood stock as it is extremely unsafe. The drilling of the well will cost approximately $12,000 and the new pump, plumbing, piping, wiring, will cost approximately $15,000 so we have a lot of work to do for this season.

We are still working with D.F.O. on a waterway and stop logs for the Sara Lake project. We have a new Community advisor her name is Pat Schultz. We will make sure she meets everyone. Speaking of meeting everyone we are planning a work party at the Marble Hatchery. It's just a big clean up day and preparation day also a good a meet and greet. We will be deep-frying a couple of turkeys for everyone to enjoy along with other goodies to eat with it. so if your available for that day, it would be awesome if you could come out and help.
The Work party day is on October 10th at 10:00 AM Give us a call at 250-956-3682 We know that this the thanksgiving weekend but it is the
only time that fits the busy schedules. If you wish to come out on the Friday we will be home by then and will have things to do. Thank You Everyone For your Donations To The Friends Of The Marble River Hatchery. It is amazing what has been accomplished so far From Quatsino Lodge, Local Businesses and Individuals. May the fish be with you Grant and Deb

Posted Tuesday Sep 01, 2009

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Hi and Hey,
I have meant to email you and tell you how much fun it was for Gary and his friends to fish with you last April.  It just happened that we had some of the best salmon ever from your lodge.  That winter salmon is the greatest.  So delicate in flavor and texture!  I happened to cook it just perfectly, too.  So delicious.  Hope you had a great season and I sure wish that we could have a few days with you this next summer.  Both Clark and Randy have wives that love to fish as well.  If you get a chance, email us and let us know how your summer was. Gary so enjoyed being with you both and to see Nicki too.  Thanks again, Cookie
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