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Quatsino Lodge 

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Hello Blondy,

I just want to reiterate to you on behalf of us all how much we enjoyed our few days at your lodge. It was more than anything we expected. And despite the beautiful scenery, the fun fishing, and the magical river, the truly special part of our stay was your wonderful hospitality and the friendliness of all of you. Thank you for making us feel so welcomed and at ease...not to mention quite spoiled.
Next year's trip was all that all of us could talk about on the ferry. Even Rich who is very hard to convince to go anywhere on vacation.  We are still debating the salmon versus tuna thing. But I think this time of year where everything is a little more quiet was something we really enjoyed.
We cannot wait for our trip to Quatsino Lodge again next year.  Thank you again for everything and have a great year.
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